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Our charter

► Delight and Instruct

The mission of guadeloupe-tourisme.com is to promote the discovery of the five islands of the Guadeloupe archipelago. In addition to can’t-miss tourist attractions, it showcases the historical, architectural, and cultural features of Guadeloupe, along with its creators, hosts, and conservators. The guadeloupe-tourisme.com website also aims to promote the offerings of Guadeloupe businesses and to highlight various initiatives taking place. Finally, a crucial element of our mission is to involve the local population, serving as a platform for all partners at work each day to offer a warm welcome to visitors.

► Dialogue and Exchange

The guadeloupe-tourisme.com website is designed to provide an interactive experience. Its design is based on three core principles: quick responsiveness, intuitiveness, and user-friendliness. We wish to promote a spirit of community, with content provided in part by the users themselves, forging a link between local residents and future visitors to Guadeloupe.

► Facilitating your visit

The guadeloupe-tourisme.com website aims to both delight and instruct. By working with the foundation map, visitors may choose an itinerary, moving from town to town and place to place. The map can be used by both residents and tourists to highlight Guadeloupe’s attractions in an active, participatory way, providing information about Guadeloupe’s cultural and artistic heritage, tourist sites, local populations, businesses, and visitors.
The guadeloupe-tourisme.com website acts in synergy with Chemin Bleu tourist guides and city street maps, and is inspired by their practicality to assist users in organizing a successful visit.

► Respect and Preserve

The guadeloupe-tourisme.com website seeks to provide information in proper French. If any typographical errors or inaccuracies are detected, we will endeavor to correct them. Out of respect for confidentiality, guadeloupe-tourisme.com will not divulge confidential information and is committed to adhering to all privacy laws. The information provided by guadeloupe-tourisme.com is intended to be accurate, reliable, and grounded in fact. Its descriptions and comments are not in any way to be construed as supporting one cause over another in the events reported, or as rendering judgment concerning any person represented (participants, authors, creators, etc.). Images appearing on the website are the property of Chemin Bleu SARL. In the absence of the latter’s express consent, copies are prohibited, whether partial or total. Guadeloupe-tourisme.com reserves the right to refuse the insertion of any information deemed contrary to its material or moral interests, or incompatible with the spirit of the website.
The site will reject messages that contain insults, material deemed to be immoral, or material that violates privacy rights and the right to protection of personal data. Users may not use the site for their own publicity. Users may not disrupt the proper functioning of the chat feature. Moderators reserve the right to expel offenders or pursue legal remedies against them. Advertisers to the site must obtain proper authorizations regarding copyrights and associated neighboring rights. Once the information is online, advertisers are solely responsible for the content they provide. Therefore, advertisers hereby agree to provide information in accordance with current law and to respect all legal requirements regarding the use of computers, files, rights and freedoms. Disputes arising regarding the interpretation, execution, or cancelation of agreements shall be settled amicably. Disputes against Chemin Bleu SARL and advertisers or any other person involved in the guadeloupe-tourisme.com website shall brought before the Tribunal de Commerce of Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, for arbitration.

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