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Anse Guyonneau cove is named for the captain of that name who waged battle against the British on August 29, 1747, in order render aid to a Martinique brigantine that had taken refuge here. The cove was devastated by Hurricane Lenny (November 1999), with coastal residences suffering considerable damage. In the aftermath of the storm, an extensive strengthening and redevelopment program was instigated that included the construction of a rock embankment to protect the shoreline. Parking lots, lighting, and pedestrian lanes were also added to make the seashore a safe and welcoming place to visit. The maritime boulevard was entirely refurbished during the construction of the road connecting the populated areas between the town of Pointe-Noire and the “Maison du Bois” (“House of Wood”), now known as the “Habitation Côte Sous le Vent” (“Leeward Coast Plantation”). Aware of the economic importance of the shoreline and the many pressures it is subject to, the commune strictly adheres to the “loi littoral” (French “coastline law,” passed on January 3, 1986), which applies to all populated coastlines of mainland and overseas France. The law establishes legal standards, which take take precedence over local laws, for negotiating a balance between competing interests. It enumerates sometimes contradictory principles to govern the development, preservation, and use of coastlines, with the aim of protecting rare and sensitive areas; controlling coastline development for tourism and urban planning purposes; and making coastal areas, including beaches, more broadly accessible to the public in order to prioritize activities more closely related to maritime concerns.

Seaside - Pointe-Noire. View of Anse Guyonneau
Seaside - Pointe-Noire. View of Anse Guyonneau
A few coves shelter fishermen's canoes
A few coves shelter fishermen's canoes
Guadeloupe, Pointe-Noire, Seaside: Boulevard de Guyonneau
Guadeloupe, Pointe-Noire, Seaside: Boulevard de Guyonneau
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