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Big Hole Pond

Water area - Terre-de-Bas

As the only source of fresh water in Petites-Anses, this pond long played a central role in the daily lives of Terre-de-Bas residents. Re-excavated in 1922 by local residents, it is fed by streams flowing from Man'Charles and Bourg ravines. Until 1953, it was cleaned regularly. The information panel at the site indicates that water taken from the pond had to be consumed within 48 hours, for obvious health reasons, and that laundry was washed first in the ocean before being rinsed in the pond’s fresh water. Use of the pond declined in favor of communal and private water tanks, followed by the conveyance of drinking water, which began in 1973. The flora of the pond, frequented by moorhens, Molokoy turtles, and common (green) iguanas, is essentially made up of gold ferns and dotleaf water lilies. Many benches are provided, shaded by tamarind trees.

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