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Water sports - La Désirade

This shallow port, protected by a dyke, provides anchorage for local fishing boats and a few pleasure boats. It is now the busiest fishing port in Guadeloupe, supplying nearly 30% of the fresh fish consumed on Guadeloupe’s main islands. Fishing is practiced using traditional methods handed down from father to son, and is mostly inshore, as opposed to deep-sea, fishing. A number of techniques are used, primarily the bow net, which is used between May and December, and the dragnet, from December to May. Of Guadeloupe’s 1,800 professional fishermen, 120 live in La Désirade. However, fish stocks are being depleted, requiring ocean fishermen to go further and further out, and to purchase more modern boats. A number of plans have been launched to develop new prospects for promoting the industry and improve working conditions.

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