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Architecture - Saint-François

Located near the golf course, the Saint-François airfield features a passenger terminal and a 600-meter asphalt runway for lightweight-category aircraft (up to 5.7 metric tons). The Saint-François airfield is the Caribbean’s first recreational flying hub. However, its capacity and location make it a very busy general aviation hub, also. The airfield has a maintenance structure and an on-site flying club that offers pilot training. Activities include flights over the island and neighboring islands, powered-paragliding, ultralight flying, gyroplane flying, and parachute jumping.

The Aéroclub of Saint-François Caraïbes (“Saint-François Flying Club of the Caribbean”) is open to pilots with European or U.S. pilot licenses. Planes may be rented for more than a day for flights to nearby islands. Site qualifications are available for Les Saintes, Saint Barth, and Baillif. Training flights and tourist flights are available with an instructor. For student pilots, practice flights and training flights can be arranged with or without an instructor. Tourist fly-overs around Guadeloupe and charter flights to other islands may also be arranged. Saint-François Aérodrome - Contacts:  0590 88 70 10 or 0690 63 09 84 (Louis Cassina) or 0690 47 85 20 (Serge Barrière) -

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