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Jolan Woods Beach

Beach - Sainte-Anne

Bois Jolan Beach features clear, exceptionally calm, protected waters, and a variety of vegetation, including Indian almond, catalpa, “seagrape,” and manchineel trees tucked in amongst the coconut palms. The beach is a favorite with families, particularly at Easter time, when, according to Guadeloupe tradition, family and friends gather at a beach or on the banks of a river for a celebration lasting several days. Menus for the festivities are discussed days in advance, and people go to the beach early to prepare a place for their tents. When the day arrives, cooking pots, utensils, plastic cups, coolers, folding chairs, beach umbrellas, “belote” cards, dominos, drums, and boom boxes are transported to the beach for four days with family and friends. Of course, no party would be complete without the famous “matété crab” dish. Festivities end on Monday night.

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