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Mangrove Swamp

Mangrove - Le Gosier

Mangrove swamps develop in saltmarsh ecosystems characterized by dense thickets of primarily woody plants (mangrove trees, with their “stilt roots”). They occur only in tropical coastal wetland zones that are flooded at high tide, serving as effective buffers for coastal areas threatened by hurricanes. The commune’s mangrove swamps are found mainly in Grand Baie and near Saint-Félix (Salines), two natural areas of ecological interest for their diverse flora and fauna that includes sea grasses, wetlands, coast mangroves, marshlands, and bayou forests. Manchineel and mangrove trees stand side by side in fresh water, providing habitat for numerous amphibian, reptile, bat, and fish species, as well as many birds, including the “Pic de la Guadeloupe” (“Guadeloupe woodpecker,” endemic to Guadeloupe) and the snowy egret. Mangrove swamps offer ideal habitat for these species’ reproduction. A hiking trail facilitates exploration of the area (shoreline trail from Saint-Félix Beach).

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