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Landscape - Bouillante

The area possesses a wealth of paths and trails, including:

  • the path to Petit Malendure (allow two hours), which starts just beyond Pont Colas (as you leave Mahault) and ends on Malendure Beach. The path is rocky and uneven in places, but it gets much easier as you progress through the dry coastal forest. You will pass scenic cliffs and coves, with uninterrupted views of the sea and the Pigeon Isles.
  • Pointe à Lézard (allow two hours): this path, which starts at the Falaise observation point, leads to the beach at l’Anse à Sable and the thermal springs at Bain du Curé. A stony path takes you through a dry forest planted with bloodwood trees, spindle, rosewood, and catalpas, plus many custard apple saplings; the old battery is a reminder that this was once a line of defense for the island.
  • La Trace des Crêtes (The Ridge Trail – allow six hours): head out of Village and pick up the Route de la Traversée (Petit-Bourg). Once you’re up on the high ground, you are guaranteed uninterrupted vistas.
  • La Trace Fon Gonm (allow two hours): from the coconut grove at L'Anse à la Barque, the path follows La Ravine Renoir through coppices and  luxuriant vegetation before climbing past various rock formations to reach Belle Vue. This was the spot where the “Nègres Marrons” (the slaves who had escaped from the plantations) used to hide out. The path then continues on to l'Enclos, which lies below the Village section. Higher up is the L'Echine section, where you can see the caves that the slaves used as hideouts (for more information, contact Guadeloupe National Park, tel. 0590 41 55 55, or go to www.guadeloupe-parcnational.fr).
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