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White Grape Beach

Beach - Saint-François

Named for the many “seagrape” trees that provide much appreciated shade, this beach also features shade structures and lighting, and is easy to get to. Just a stone’s throw away from the town center, with a large parking lot and nearby eating establishments, this municipal beach is a favorite for family outings or picnics with friends. Protected by a coral reef, it offers excellent swimming, although large waves sometimes break near the shore. Nearby there is a spacious area perfect for gatherings and other events, such as the traditional flea market, which is held here on the first Sunday of every month. Several water sports competitions are held here each year, including an exciting stage of the TGVT (“Tour de Guadeloupe” of Traditional Sailing).
Plage des Raisins-Clairs is a tourist destination, but also an important archeological site, due to the recent discovery of a colonial-era cemetery here. A team of archeologists has unearthed graves of all sizes, revealing 48 individual skeletal remains on their backs, arranged in parallel with the shoreline, in an east-west orientation with the head generally to the west. Archeologists estimate 500 to 1,000 graves remaining. Initial findings indicate that the area was used for burial for a relatively long period of time—over 100 years—from the late 17th to the 19th century. Local and regional authorities have taken steps to protect what is now considered to be one of the major archeological discoveries of Guadeloupe.

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