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Sainte-Claire Beach

Beach - Goyave

This wide, easy-access volcanic sand beach maintained by the National Forest Office has an untouched quality. The breezy spot, equipped with wooden shade structures, is perfect for family outings. The Castagnette Ravine, a tributary of Petite Rivière à Goyaves, which empties into the sea north of here, bisects it. The coral barrier reef is close to the shore, and lucky visitors may spot rays, king mackerel, triggerfish, etc. For the past few years, the area has benefitted from the efforts of local citizens, who have mounted cleanup efforts in partnership with the National Park of Guadeloupe, the commune, and various organizations. An indigenous tree-planting initiative has also been launched (“raisiniers”—“grape-plants”—mangroves, galba trees, catalpas, etc.). The goal is to stem erosion, recreate an ecosystem, and promote the return of the sea turtle to its natural egg-laying habitat. Of course, these new efforts also require changes in behavior. Access restrictions, defined camping and hiking areas, and a visitor information campaign are being developed with the Conservatoire du littoral (“Shoreline Conservatory”), which owns the site.
On January 18, 1852, the 600-tonne mooring vessel “La Loire,” sailing from Brest, France, ran aground here on the reefs offshore. Victims of the shipwreck (soldiers) were rescued using an inflatable life raft shuttling between the vessel and Sainte-Claire beach, and taken in by the Fort'île plantation. Since then, this dangerous area has been referred to as Caye La Loire.

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