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Platform of Beron (Bonne Mère)

Local Product - Sainte-Rose

During the sugar season (March to June), thousands of tons of cane are transported to the Beron platform at Sainte-Rose (just next to the Bonne Mère factory) for weighing. The cane is destined for the sugar factory of Gardel, Le Moule. From dawn, there is a surprising traffic on the roads. Tractors pull their carts overflowing, while huge trucks of 44 tons, the "titans" bustle to the platform before leaving with their load to Le Moule, 50 km away, to be crushed to the Gardel factory. The cane that overflows almost everywhere. The trucks unload at Gardel the cane that goes into the process of making sugar, then leave for Beron where the shovel fills the trailer again. All the canes of the Basse Terre basin (more than 160 000 tons) are transported there. The trucks are positioned for the excavator to load the cane into the trailer, then move to weighing and en route. More than a dozen transport companies make around 100 rotations a day to Gardel. A sampling of a cane is collected on site. Once the cane sample has been pressed, the juice analysis calculates the sugar content of the cane according to the extraction coefficient of the press

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