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Landscape - Vieux-Fort

To the southwest, the boundary of the Caraïbes Mountains is created by the coastline. This is a rocky coast of wild and high cliffs some 20 to 40 meters high. The RD6 passes near these cliffs, at the foot of the mountain range that appeared some 500,000 years ago through volcanic eruptions characterized by violent explosions caused by the brutal contact between magma flows and sea water. These cliffs are made from deposits coming from successive explosions that created visible layers. Their original geological structure is easy to observe from the coastal road between Rivière Sens and Vieux-Fort and especially at l’Anse Dupuy. These "hyaloclastites" look like flat angular fragments ranging in size from one millimeter to several centimeters. This segment of road is noted for its patrimonial and educational value, as testified by its inclusion in Guadeloupe's list of "notable geological sites."

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