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Eloi Germain Interpretive Garden

Garden - Terre-de-Bas

This garden, named for a former school principal, showcases the flora of Les Saintes. It contains over two hundred plant species, including many medicinal plants (white periwinkle, prickly pear, arrowroot, etc.) and, of course, the West Indian Bay Tree, which grows abundantly on Terre-de-Bas. The West Indian Bay Tree had its hour of glory in the 19th and early 20th centuries as the main crop of many plantations. It is an aromatic plant whose leaves and seeds are used as spices. Its leaves give off a scent of anise, clove, or citronnella. It also boasts therapeutic qualities. On Terre-de-Bas, two factories distilled its leaves to make essential oil. Gérard Beaujour, the host of the garden, which is located on a family estate planted with over 3,000 trees, continues to distill West Indian Bay leaves, which he mixes with other ingredients and sells in small vials for various uses (massage, treatment of sore muscles, itching, etc.).

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