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Big Pond - Capesterre Belle Eau

Water area - Capesterre Belle-Eau

Located on the road leading to the Carbet Waterfalls at an elevation of 400 meters, this 10-hectare pond in the heart of the wet upland forest of the near coastal zone is the largest natural body of water in the Lesser Antilles. It is fed primarily by a ravine downstream of As de Pique pond, and by a number of springs on the Crête à Bambous (“Bamboo Ridge”), and was probably formed by the eruption of Mount Madeleine. A prime location for bird-watching, this pond is considered to be the most biodiverse on the island (leeches, mollusks, small fish). A tour of Grand Étang (allow approximately one hour) features abundant aquatic vegetation. For more information: Parc national de la Guadeloupe: 0590 41 55 55 -

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