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Located in a small impasse at the exit of the Moule, near le pont de la baie (the bridge of the bay), having the name of a religious order founded in Caen by Jean Eudes in the 1640s, the order of Our Lady of Charity, this chapel is dedicated above all to the Virgin Mary, the "Blessed Virgin", although some statuettes deposited there with care also represent different saints widely honored also in the catholic religion. Even if the Guadeloupeans show a great tolerance for religions, the Catholic religion is in the majority and the places of devotion to the Virgin Mary most often but also to the saints, are numerous. Thus chapels and oratories line the roads and can be found in the most secluded places to receive the visits of believers who come to make a prayer, bring an offering or simply to show their gratitude following a happy event. Maintained and always in bloom, very busy from dawn on religious ceremoniess, these places were built little by little, with the events and wishes of families, communities, neighborhoods, groups. Some, like the cave of Massabielle, do not fill up all day long. Others are places of pilgrimage and gather crowds of faithful practitioners. Many are modest oratories of very simple architecture, holding however more of the chapel-oratory than the oratory pound frequent in the hexagon, with many candles that burn constantly to continue the prayer, adorned with ex voto and statuettes and furnished with one or two chairs or benches to receive the hard-working practitioner as the passer-by. This is the case of the Chapel of Notre-Dame de la Charité (Our Lady of Charity), 

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