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Sans Fenêtre Windmill

Windmill - Anse-Bertrand

In Anse-Bertrand in 1818, there were still 24 windmills, including the Sans Fenêtre mill, with arches having lost stones. Witness of the intense sugar activity of the territory, Sans Fenêtre Windmill is built in a traditional way, limestone stones bound by a mortar made of sand, lime and battery syrup and bay bows are stone. The mills of the time were high towers of 6 m, the wings facing east, facing the winds. Each windmill dominated the sugar refinery located below. The barrel of mill was frustoconical. It had three arched openings, the largest of which introduced the elements of the mechanism (propeller shaft, lanterns, chassis, rolls ...). An access ramp facilitated the arrival of the carts loaded with canes. Above the main opening, we can see a cartridge showing a heart and a clover probably evoking the emblem of the owner.
Several other mills are still visible and relatively well preserved in particular the Budan mill dating from 1764, the Macaille mill, a volcanic stone cartridge engraved with a beautiful cross, Le Mercier, in bricks and stones, proudly posted in the heart of the cane fields. , Beaufond, with brick arches, near a pond, Daoud, today disused chapel and of course La Mahaudière who witnessed in 1840 a tragic event since a domestic slave was accused of having poisoned the mistress of places, now transformed into a chapel.

 Frusto-conical barrel
Frusto-conical barrel
ashlar arched opening
ashlar arched opening
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