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Ornithological site of Ravine Sable

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Located near the fishing port, this site consists of two ponds dug artificially for educational and tourist purposes. In this privileged place to discover the richness of the local avifauna, water birds, seabirds and foresters live here in an atmosphere of tranquility. Water hens, herons, oxen, snowy egrets, great egrets, coots of America (species designated mascot of the ornithological site), thrush-billed thrushes, grebes and night herons cross and hover. Some return at nightfall, many noisy, performing some ablutions and feeding their nestlings, before nesting there. The signing of the convention “application of the territory charter of the Guadeloupe National Park“ thus enabled the municipality to be accompanied by the expertise of the National Park to carry out the work. In addition to the installation of an observatory, an interpretation course on wildlife, from the sea to the dry forest, is planned. Open to all, this equipment allows schoolchildren to come and observe wildlife through the discovery programs offered by the National Park and associations. The visits will be punctuated by games created especially for the occasion and which allow the children to become aware of the various threats weighing on these species.

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