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Petite Terre

Island - La Désirade

Located 12 kilometers from La Désirade, Petite Terre— falls under the administration of La Désirade—is made up of two islets: Terre de Haut (“High Land,” which is permanently off-limits to visitors) and Terre de Bas (“Low Land”). Designated as a protected nature reserve in 1998, its forest vegetation, rocky coasts, lagoons, coral reefs, salt marshes, and sandy beaches are havens of exceptional biological diversity, offering visitors an opportunity to observe the typical flora and fauna of the Antilles up close. Some fifty people once made their homes here. The lighthouse keeper and his family left Petite Terre for good in 1974, following the automation of the lighthouse. This minuscule archipelago is now inhabited by “iguana delicatissima” (iguanas endemic to the Lesser Antilles), thousands of hermit crabs, and rare birds, including the Least Tern, the American Oystercatcher, the Ruddy Turnstone, and the Young Woodcock. Green Sea Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles also nest and lay their eggs here. Don snorkeling gear to admire the island’s fish and coral. Tourism is regulated by the Office National des Forêts (National Forestry Service), in partnership with the Association Désiradienne Ti Tè. Fishing, hunting, and water sports (water skis, jet skis…) are absolutely prohibited. A paradise offering a day of relaxation and unique discoveries for nature-lovers.

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