Jardin botanique de Deshaies
Loca des iles
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Deville-Maisoncelle Path

Landscape - Petit-Canal

This shady, 5-kilometer trail, beginning one kilometer east of Petit-Canal on National Highway N6, takes hikers from the Deville Ravine through low vegetation across one of the largest dryland forests on Grande Terre, with a beautiful grove of mahogany, black olive, and “poirier-pays” (“pink trumpet flower”) trees, and a well-marked botanical interpretive trail. Despite the fact that this is a man-made forest (planted in the 1950s by the Beauport refinery to diversify its business), this wooded area gives visitors an idea of what the island’s indigenous forest was like prior to colonialization and the introduction of agriculture in the 18th century. Allow two hours to hike the trail (half an hour for the botanical trail alone).

Allo Médical

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