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Fishing Port

Yatching port - Saint-François

At the fish market, fishermen can be seen daily hauling their catches out of “saintoise” fishing boats. The fishing port has the necessary features to facilitate their task. Fish traps are used here daily. Different species occupy different ocean depths:  sea catfish, surgeonfish, and cardinal fish may be found down to 30 meters; unicorn fish, grouper, and barbarino, sunfish down to 80 meters; and snapper, blackfin snapper, and red snapper at depths below 80 meters. Facing the port, the brand new fish market serves wholesalers and consumers alike. There is a nearby surf spot, reef break, essentially a right break. The spot is perfect for surf lessons and family surfing. Ideal for longboarders and stand-up paddlers, too. Easy entry and exit via the pebble break.

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