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Architecture - Lamentin

Built in 1935 after the devastating hurricane of 1928, Lamentin Town Hall is part of the architectural ensemble built around this central square by Ali Tur, architect dispatched by the Ministry of the Colonies. Rectangular in shape, constructed of reinforced concrete, with a terrace-roof featuring an overhang, its façade is divided into three sections. The entrance is raised and recessed. Its architectural style is also expressed in the canopies and eaves, and in the workmanship of the upper-level gallery, with its colonnade balcony. Inside, the building features an elegant turning staircase decorated with a diamond motif, floor tiling in a checkered pattern, and a tastefully appointed conference room. Trained at Paris’ École des Beaux-Arts and strongly influenced by the work of Auguste Perret, Ali Tur created an original style, incorporating experiences with climate-adapted architecture, an idea that was circulating, in particular, at the Colonial Exhibition of 1931.

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