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Fishing and Pleasure Boat Port

Yatching port - Sainte-Rose

The Sainte-Rose Fishing and Pleasure Boat Port is central to the livelihoods of ocean fishermen. However, it also attracts strollers, water sports enthusiasts, and tourists. Currently undergoing major renovations, with the addition of a water sports center equipped with everything needed for lessons in such sports as kayaking, windsurfing, traditional sailing (using two-masted wooden dinghies), and yachting, the port is acquiring new infrastructures that include:  a 290-meter protective dike west of the port, with a water-recharge intake; 14,800 m2 of fill for port facilities (harbor master’s office, repair area, refueling station, ice machines, etc.); floating docks; and a haul-out slip. These will allow all users of this site, so vital to the regional economy, to exercise their professions under optimum conditions. In addition to fishing activities, Sainte-Rose Port will offer facilities for many water sports and other activities, including pleasure boating, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, and scuba diving—in addition to a magnificent view of nearby islets (Ilet Blanc, Grand Ilet, La Biche, Ilet Caret, etc.). Half-day and full-day excursions are available offering guided tours of the mangrove swamps and Caret and La Biche, two white-sand islets surrounded by crystal waters protected by the coral reef.

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