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Landscape - Gourbeyre

The commune of Gourbeyre has a number of interesting trails leading into its dense forests, with their gigantic trees and magnificent views. “Trace des étangs” (“Pond Trace”), which begins in the hamlet of Moscou, leads past mountain lakes (referred to as “étangs,”, or ponds), such as As de Pique, Grand Etang, Etang Roche, and Etang Madère. The “Bassin Bleu” trail begins at Moscou Plateau and continues past Bassin Bleu to La Parabole, a beautifully picturesque cascade approximately ten meters high. Other trails cross the lovely Caribbean Mountain chain from Champfleury to Rivière-Sens, and from Champfleury to Vieux-Fort. The Houëlmont peak tour, beginning at Rivière-Sens, takes visitors through the coastal dryland forest and its trees—gum, acacia, savonnette (“soapberry”) sablier (“sandbox”), etc.—past the remnants of an ancient tomb, all the way up to the Guadeloupe Volcanology and Seismology Laboratory located at the summit (elevation 428 meters). Please note:  all of these hikes must be carefully planned, and preferably accompanied by a professional guide. For more information: Syndicat d'initiative de Gourbeyre:  0590 92 21 64; Parc national de la Guadeloupe: 0590 41 55 55 - www.guadeloupe-parcnational.fr.

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