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Yatching port - Goyave

Located at the foot of the town’s central hill at the only clear point of access to the ocean, this embarcadero was the hub of the town’s commercial activity in the 19th century, used by the coffee, sugar, and rum industries. This is because this small, closely guarded fishing port was used for many years by Marquisat sugar factory (Capesterre Belle-Eau) via its own rail line. In early days, a pirogue (narrow tree-trunk canoe), followed by the barge “La Reine des Anges” (“Queen of the Angels”), left here daily for Pointe-à-PItre. These were replaced in the early 20th century by other boats:  “La Clémence” (“Clemency”) and “Les deux sœurs” (“The Two Sisters”). The port features a 28-meter quay and a 30-meter jetty for a draught of 1 meter, along with picnic shelters, handicapped access, and a parking lot. A stela, unfortunately much deteriorated, is erected on a platform in memory of fisherman and municipal official Hubert Marcel Lorient.
The port embodies the commune’s maritime vocation, and has developed a number of marine activities:  fishing, subject to restrictions in case of chlordecone pollution; pleasure boating and activities at the sailing center; excursions to the mangrove swamp and Fortune Islet; and aquaculture, which is ongoing in the commune. A reconversion effort has given rise to ambitious projects across the region. The creation of a marine vocational secondary school is also being considered. A natural gathering place, the port hosts many festive and cultural events, as well as the farmer’s market, a regular, can’t-miss event for locals.

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