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Ravine Sable (Sand Ravine)

Panorama - Anse-Bertrand

Commandant Mortenol long street skirts the shoreline to Pointe Sable and Ravine Sable, where the fishing port is located. The road formerly joined Anse Laborde but it was destroyed for the creation of a bay allowing fishermen to return. Apparatus for athletes, a carbet for rest, beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea, proximity to the fish market and the ornithological site are major assets for walkers. But the popularity of this place also comes from his artistic destiny. Entertainment takes place in Ravine Sable and the site has been embellished. The municipality and the leaders of the tourist animation could count on the availability of the young people of the district, on the solidarity of the members of the MKAN group (Mouvemen kiltirel ansois nou) and on the graceful contest of the artists Antoine Nabajoth and Michael Sibellas. Everyone enjoyed decorating several rocks on the boulevard. Paintings inspired by the environment, canes, trees, mills, fish, or mixing figurative and abstract according to the imagination of the artist.

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