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Landscape - La Désirade

La Désirade offers a number of different trails with varying levels of difficulty, the main ones are listed below.  Pointe Doublée Trail:  this trail crosses the windswept, grassy plain on the eastern side of the island. After following the coast and crossing ravines, surrounded by “tête à l’anglais” (aka “melon” cactus or “Turk’s cap” cactus), arrive at the abandoned weather station, then follow D207 past the lighthouse, former cotton plantation, and sailors’ cemetery (allow one hour and 45 minutes). Grande Rivière Trail:  This trail allows hikers to explore the steep coastline of the northern part of the island. After threading through dry vegetation, the trail reaches a river bed. Beautiful species of trees have developed here, particularly red gum trees. A number of different orchid varieties are also seen. Finally, the trail makes a picturesque descent to the shore (allow four hours round trip). Grand Nord Trail:  This trail, which begins on the “road to Calvary,” allows hikers to explore the dramatic, rocky, wilderness coast of the island’s northern side (allow one hour and 15 minutes). Wind Farm Trail (“Sentier des Eoliennes”):  Access this trail from departmental highway D207 and climb to the wind farm lookout overlooking the Souffleur lagoon and, further out, Petite-Terre islets and Marie-Galante Island (allow one hour and 15 minutes round trip). For more information:  Office of Tourism of La Désirade, Tel.:  0590 85 00 86.

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