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Landscape - Capesterre Belle-Eau

The “ponds” of Basse Terre are small mountain lakes that formed in depressions that developed in the topography over time. However, some of these bodies of water are not watertight and remain dry for part of the year. The ponds Grand-Etang, Etang Madère, Etang Roche, and Etang As de Pique are connected by a marked hiking trail that begins in Capesterre Belle Eau and ends on the high plateaus of Gourbeyre (elevation 700 meters), offering hikers a unique opportunity for exploring the tropical forest. Etang Zombi, to which there is no formal path, is famous for the legend that gives it its name:  in the 17th century, a woman who assisted in the escape of mistreated slaves on her husband’s estate is said to have drowned here in the company of the plantation’s slave driver (“commandeur”), her accomplice. The ghost of the white woman is said to be seen haunting the banks of the pond each year.

The Grand-Etang pond
The Grand-Etang pond
"As de Pique" pond
Etang Zombi
Etang Zombi
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