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Cadoue Windmill

Windmill - Anse-Bertrand


This windmill is the last vestige of the old sugar refinery which would have been created by the Serpin family in the 18th century. The property then integrated the heritage of Cadoue, a family of settlers who once owned several hectares of land and where the family tomb is still present. The frusto-conical tower of the mill consists of masonry of squared quarry stone. Cut stones form the arch of the arched bays. The remains of the frame carrying the crusher mechanism are still embedded in their reserves. We can see a cast iron ring for mooring the wings. Built in the traditional way in limestone or rubble bound by a mortar made of sand, lime and battery syrup, with towers 6 to 9 m high, the wings facing towards east, facing the trade winds, the mill overlooked the sugar refinery located below.
The barrel of the mill was frustoconical and had three curved openings, the largest of which allowed the elements of the mechanism to be introduced (crossings, lanterns, chassis, rolls, etc.). An access ramp facilitated the arrival of carts loaded with canes. Several are still visible and relatively well preserved, notably the Budan windmill, the Grand Fond windmill, the Beaufond windmill, the Saint-Jacques windmill, as well as those of Guéry, Sans Fenêtre, Montrésor, Pressec…

City of Anse-Bertrand, the Cadoue windmill
City of Anse-Bertrand, the Cadoue windmill
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