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Windmill - Port-Louis

On the eastern side of the marshes, you can still see the remains of several windmills (Rodrigue, Paul Aubin, Goguette, Bétin), and further south, those of Montalègre, Espérance  and Plaisance. Out towards the D128 are the Pelletan, Belin, Brument and Beuthier windmills. The first windmills appeared in Guadeloupe in 1770. New windmill construction proliferated during the heyday of the sugar industry in Port-Louis from 1815-1845. The most common type of windmill in Guadeloupe was the tower mill. These were built of masonry (rubble stone, sometimes mixed with tufa, sand and cane syrup), with arched windows made of freestone and a rotatable roof or “cap” that enabled the sails to be repositioned according to the wind direction. A horizontal shaft extended out from inside the cap and supported the asymmetric sails. The sails were covered with wooden shutters or just plain canvas.

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